Please note: In the following timeline, items enclosed in parentheses are mentioned or alluded to by Frank Herbert but not specified completely as to date. Square brackets indicate speculation. The various stages of and dates for the development of the Galach language, as well as the labels applied to them, are also speculation.

Proto-Galach 11700 BG [Colonization of Sol System]
Ancient Galach 11000 BG [Launch of First Interstellar Colonization Mission]
[Long Diaspora]

3100 BG(Invention of Space-Folding ca 3100?)
Old Galach 3000 BG  
2900 BG [Wars of Reunification]
(First Interspace Migrations)

[First Empire]

2000 BG(Formation of Landsraad ca 2000?)
1400 BG(Zensunni schism ca 1381)
200 BGButlerian Jihad (201-108)
Middle (Imperial) Galach 100 BG Battle of Corrin (88) & Corrino Ascendancy
(Orange Catholic Bible)
1 BGEstablishment of Spacing Guild Monopoly
1 AG
10200 AG Arrakis Incident (10193); Fremen Jihad (till 10205)
Atreidean Galach 10300 AGAscension of Leto II (10214)
12400 AGExecution of “Nine Historians” (12330; 2116 ARL)
13700 AG 
Post-Atreidean Galach 13800 AG Death of Leto II (13705?)
 Kralizec/Famine Times & The Scattering
15900 AG